Happy Leap Day

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.
pic courtesy of Mr. Goo
hi peeps! Happy Leap Day! today is a day that i can't afford to miss an entry. the next entry you will see is in another 4 years. ahaks!

the entry today will be about my youngest soon (for the moment). hehehe.

1 day in my bedroom,

mama: hafiy, mana jam mama? *coz last time i saw the jam is with him.
hafiy: ...alien language... *then he climbed up to the bed, ready to jump.
mama: noooo...not that jump. but jam. my watch. *i got ahha moment. no wonder lah. JUMP & JAM? mama, you should use WATCH instead of JAM.
hafiy: ...still in alien language...*he is soo ready & more excited to do the jump.
mama: tak pe lah. mama carik sendirik. *but not to upset him, i allowed him to jump & his jump is not just a jump. he will jump towards me & hang it there. like a post-it note stick to me. that's why he likes to jump.

the best part is, i can't forget his face how excited he is to jump & his effort to climb up our divan bed. his journey in bed climbing is more challenging compared to his brother because at that time, our old bed have a frame that make easy for him to climb. anyhow, mama is very proud of you guys! after all, it's a leap day, right?!

Webbek: This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.  - Neil Armstrong.

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