Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi peeps. do you notice my mood on the left side of the menu? no? ish ish ish...here...this is my current mood.
ahoy matey!
what is that supposed to mean? ahha! it's teaser beb! teaser. according to The Free Dictionary, teaser could be:

a. One that teases, as a device for teasing wool.
b. One who engages in teasing; a tease.
2. A puzzling problem.
3. An advertisement that attracts customers by offering something extra or free.
4. Slang An attention-getting vignette or highlight presented before the start of a television show.

definitely not no. 1 okek. because i'm so generous (^_^), i leave you with another enjoyable reading.

happy reading! stay tune k.

Origins of Pirate Words and Phrases
[Source: Today I found out]

Webbek: Pirates could happen to anyone ~Tom Stoppard.

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