Diapers Cake Update #8.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi peeps. This is the first ordered I received after Hari Raya break. The diapers cake was baked for a fren from Sime Darby. It's for a new born of baby girl of her colleague. Thanks a lot Cikgu Linda & Azlinda. 

When I received ordered & asked about the theme, "pink" is the answer I got. So, I incorporated pink & yellow color together. I love the bright & cheerful color. Don't you?

I hope both of you enjoy it & the recipient too. Forgive me for the susun atur toppers. For some reason, I'm not really satisfy with it :(

Nevertheless, below are the ingredients used:
  1. Diapers;
  2. Bumblebee blanket;
  3. King & King Wong baby bip;
  4. Word of Cartoon - 1 set clothes of Tweety Bird;
  5. Pigeon Sock;
  6. Accessories;
  7. Lots of XOXO.
Thank you ladies!

Webbek: There is no personal charm so great as the charm of a cheerful temperament. ~Henry Van Dyke.

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~SaTo OrEo~ said...

weh... comey..tapi aku rasa lebih kepada tema kekuningan dari kepink'an...huhuhu..

ada konsep baru sekarang.. diapers cupcakes..terbaikk!!

M1ss F0r3st said...

sato, depa pun cam ckp lagu tu jugak. huk2. aku bukanlaah anti pink sangat...tp nak kalerful. ceriaaaaa.... hehehe.

betut2...diapers cupcakes. letak jee kat kotak tu. huhu.

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