Diapers Cake #9.

Assalamualaikum w.b.t.

Hi there. It's been a while after my last update for diapers cake. Well, here I'm not just to update about 1 diapers cake & not 2 but 3 (^_^). Stay tune with me k!

Repeat order from Mr. & Mrs. Maher for their relative, 5 months old baby boy - Umar Al Farooq.

Suggested theme either Disney Car @ Construction Themed. So, let check it out which theme did Umar Al Farooq received!

 photo 6f15e218-3126-4aec-b911-b4abfd0ed218.jpg
My 1st highest diapers cake ever.

 photo 21c0088e-e711-4545-a697-f44256676055.jpg
Cake toppers.

 photo 94a553b9-1c85-4028-8908-c94db8ca9411.jpg
Prepared to get tough!

Surprisingly his grandfather was an architect. I hope he find this diapers cake are architect enough to his grandchild (~_^)

Umar Al Farooq received (forgive me to not mention all the brands. Lost my not-so-short term memory):
  1. Diapers size M;
  2. Blanket;
  3. Bip;
  4. Toys Mega block;
  5. Baby Disney cloth set;
  6. Lots of xoxo's dust;
If you notice the items was not so long as others because Less is more. Thank you Mr. & Mrs. Maher. Hope both of you are happy with the diapers cake & so does Umar Al Farooq!

Webbek: A building has integrity just like a man. And just as seldom. ~Ayn Rand.

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